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Pharmacy Technician Program

A career as a Pharmacy Technician could be closer than you think.

Finish Pharmacy Technician Training in 7 months! Programs are offered during the day or in the evening.

Program Summary

Our Pharmacy Technician training program will prepare you to work in a retail pharmacy and help you pass a national certification exam. We combine 182 hours of classroom instruction with a 120-hour pharmacy externship to give you on-the-job experience (Externship hours vary by state). Over the course of seven months you will gain exposure to the preparation of medications, maintaining client records, assisting with inventory control, purchasing, collecting payments, coordinating billing, and much more.

Program Details
  • Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance

    Payment Plans & Scholarships are widely available.

  • Schedule / Duration

    Schedule / Duration

    Finish in 7 months with day or evening schedules available

  • Externship


    Get real world experience with Pharmacy Technician externships

  • Occupational Outlook

    Occupational Outlook

    Make an average of $14+ per hour as a Pharmacy Technician

  • Locations


    Over 150 classroom locations nationwide

  • Information Sessions

    Information Sessions

    Attend a helpful information session about this program

Financial Assistance

Fees: Fees vary by partner. Check Class Schedules to find a program near you.

Financing: Financial Assistance is offered to many people that apply. Our options may include:

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Sallie Mae Loans
  • 5 to 10 month Payment Plans
  • Debit/Credit Card Enrollment

Schedule / Duration

Our Pharmacy Technician program offers convenient day, evening and weekend schedules.

Over the course of seven months, we combine 182 hours of classroom instruction with a 120-hour pharmacy externship to provide you with on-the-job experience (May vary by state).

Click here to find a program that fits your schedule.


We know how important on-the-job training can be. That is why we guarantee externship placement for all students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the student handbook. This practical experience has allowed many of our students to receive job offers immediately upon graduation. Externships are offered at a pharmacy near our classrooms. Externship hours vary by state.

Occupational Outlook

Role of a Pharmacy Technician:

Pharmacy Technicians assist licensed pharmacists in distributing prescription medication.


  • Take the information needed to fill a prescription
  • Count tablets and measure amounts of other medication for prescriptions
  • Mix medications, such as preparing ointments
  • Package and label prescriptions
  • Accept payment for prescriptions and process insurance claims
  • Do routine pharmacy tasks, such as answering phone calls from customers

Pharmacy Technicians also arrange for the pharmacist and customer to speak if a customer's question is about the medication or health matters.

Work Environment:

Pharmacy technicians work in all types of pharmacies, including those found in grocery and drug stores, and in hospitals. Some pharmacy technicians work part time, but most work full time.

Work Schedules

Pharmacies may be open at all hours. Pharmacy technicians may have to work nights or weekends.

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Typically, becoming a pharmacy technician requires attaining a high school diploma, or the equivalent.

Education and Training

Many pharmacy technicians learn how to perform their duties through on-the-job training. Others attend postsecondary education programs in pharmacy technology at vocational schools or community colleges.

Licenses and Certification:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Criminal background check
  • Formal training program
  • Exam
  • Fees
  • Continuing education

Some states and employers require pharmacy technicians to have a certification. Having a certification may make it easier to find a job. Many employers will pay for their pharmacy technicians to take the certification exam.


Earn up to $30,000 per year as a Pharmacy Technician according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average hourly wage was $14+ per hour. This varies by employer, location, and experience.

Job Outlook:

This occupation is expected to increase by 32 percent from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Job prospects should be excellent for pharmacy technicians, particularly those with formal training and those with experience in retail settings.


Boston Reed is proud to partner with hundreds of schools across the United States. If you aren't able to find a location for this program please let us know. We are constantly adding more locations and hope to help you online or in the classroom.

Information Sessions

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